New Apartment

My mom, sister, and I moved into an apartment in Deerfield/Riverswood. It’s 25 minutes from my school and 5 minutes from my mom’s work. It’s very nice and luxurious, but a bit small. Very expensive too. Downstairs…. there’s an outdoor pool and hot tub, theater room, pool table, shuffle table, kitchen, meeting room, and a dog washing station. In our apartment we have two bedrooms, a laundry room, updated kitchen, a pantry, and lots of closet space. My sister and I share the small room and my mom gets the big one all to herself that has an attached bathroom with two sinks…

My dad and I no longer talk. Before I had gone to Colorado, my parents ambushed me with lunch at Great Beijing. They talked my ear off. My mom was more quiet. My dad told me he would disown me if I stepped foot in Colorado. He is not ok with my boyfriend being white. He thinks I’m living in sin. And honestly, I might be. But who isn’t these days?! I think we should all try our best and do what we think is best. We don’t need to worry about anybody other than ourselves. I don’t tell my dad how to use his body and so my dad shouldn’t tell me how to use mine. He was so disgusting. He explicitly talked about me having sex with a white guy and said how my white boyfriend would fuck me good and use me for money and leave me one day when he gets bored of me. After that day, I no longer wanted a relationship with my dad. He told me if I continued with my white boyfriend, then he would cut off my boyfriend’s head. My dad said my boyfriend can’t come to Chicago. LOL like my dad owns Chicago, right?

My mom and I have been doing better. But we still have our problems. We’ve been trying this new thing where we apologize to each other if one of us did something wrong. We never planned to do this. It just kind of happened. So usually I say sorry for not helping out and my mom says sorry for being so mean to me.

My boyfriend and I are getting better everyday. We have our setbacks once in awhile, but things look good. He can talk to girls now more freely. I feel better about it. And we just communicate more now. I share my feelings more and discuss things that bother me in depth till we feel good about it. I cannot wait until we get married (even though we are married emotionally and spiritually). I cannot wait to have beautiful children together. We already decided on the name Andromeda for a girl. We are going to name our boys and girls based on astronomy. It was his idea that I absolutely loved. I love his mind. I love my boyfriend. He is my partner in life forever and after.

I’ve been going on Tinder and making friends. I haven’t met up with anybody, but I’m thinking I will soon. I’ve made a few friends at Lake Forest, especially in my theater class because it’s a more chill, non-academic class. AND ALSO… I AM GOING TO SEE ODESZA NOVEMBER 21 with the Starbucks crew. My best friend and I might take molly 😀 I’m so stoked!!!

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