Sexy Places

  1. First time ever for us was when he lost his virginity: outside in the open on the grass against a wall, by the library/art museum in Denver, CO… got caught by the security guards. They told us we’d be on the sex offender list if we didn’t get the fuck out, lol
Kia Ria Car 
many times but once in his trunk in the blazing sun by Noodles
  3. Toyota 4Runner – at Starbucks right before going to see the Bean in Chicago. And the day I picked him up from o’hare airport.
  4. BMW X5i – outside of Dan’s apartment when dropping boyfriend off
  5. Trailer – many times in Colorado Springs
  6. Saba’s House – on my bed, my floor on the white fuzzy rug, and on the couch while dogs watched. We walked around naked in the house when the adults were out of town.
  7. Angie’s House – on the couch, floor, and bunk bed. He kicked the dogs out of the room lol
  8. Tried doing it in the men’s bathroom stall at the Denver airport, but I couldn’t stop laughing
  9. Jay’s truck – fingering when dropping me off to bus station while Carlos and Jay in the car
  10. Lane’s bed and couch and floor in Boulder
  11. Abby’s couch in Boulder. We did it in the bathroom too before we showered
  12. Storm drain under the park in Denver (lots of spider webs in my hair) – I was very loud
  13. Hiking trail by the river on the rock in Colorado Springs. We saw the 7 waterfalls and bridges
  14. Dan’s apartment in Skokie – We watched each other in the full-length mirrors. I was on my period. We tried anal and fisting for the first time. Used lube. He kissed me to calm and loosen me up
  15. Whole Foods bathroom in Boulder – on the floor on his T-shirt. Carlos knew it

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