Time For Air Force Leave (6 months)

So my boyfriend leaves November 4th, 2015 at like 6am. It was supposed to be in December so I was going to see him one more time, which I’m being robbed of. It then changed to November 3rd, and now he surprised me last minute and said it’s on the 4th because the new recruiter got mixed up with the dates. His old recruiter sucked. Stupid bitch thought it was December because she didn’t want to do her job.

Anyways, he and I are doing amazing. He leaves the day after tomorrow. We were doing so shitty the past three days. I kept feeling neglected because he didn’t have time for me. He spent so much time with his aunt/uncle/cousins and grandpa who came in his RV.

I’m just glad we are doing well and that he has an extra day. I really wish I could get a hug. Or like an hour to spend together in person. Ugh. I love him so much. I hate that he feels like I don’t care about him or love him because I DO SO MUCH. More than anybody ever.

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