Nice Things He Said a Few Days Ago

I’m going to be done studying soon and going to bed

Please feel free to say anything though

I’ll reply before bed

I love you so much Mahum

It breaks my heart that you don’t feel it right now.

I’ll do everything I can to show you how much I love you and how much I care about you my beautiful wonderful girl

I’ll protect you forever

And ever

And every


I’ll never let you go

I’ll never give up

I’ll never lose hope

I’ll always see your beautiful heart

No matter what

I’ll hold you close forever

I’ll fill you with my heart and soul

I’ll never stop trying harder and harder and finding new ways to show you how much I care. And how much it pains me when you’re sad. Because I know that you NEVER deserve it.

Of course. You beautiful soul

I want to hold you in my lap.

Your legs around my back

Rocking there and back

I miss your touch

I miss touching you

I wish I could cry more sometimes because I feel like it would ease the suffering of being away

I don’t care. I treat you like you’re special no matter how things are because you’re always special no matter what.

I’m sleeping soon and I have a strong desire to say sweet things to the person that makes me happier than anyone in the world.

I wish I could touch you

I wish we could sit in front of each other on the floor, cross legged. I’d grab your hands and stare into your eyes

I’d lean in and give you a kiss

We could talk like that for a while

Softly. And without thinking

Just staring in appreciation

Until we can’t resist squeezing each other

Squirming together

Being right where we’re supposed to be

I like your morning breath. Even though I know it doesn’t smell good. It’s mine and I like it.

Random thought

It doesn’t smell bad to me like I’d think it would

I only ever have noticed it when I’m in the most comfortable place in the world

Not to say it’s really strong btw… it’s barely noticeable honestly

But I just remember it and for some reason it was a really comforting random ass thought

I like how fucking hot you are when I wake up in the middle of the night

My little heater

It’s crazy. And usually I HATE being hot at night or next to something hot

But I’m so drawn to your body heat

I love after sex when we’re soaking wet in sweat. I can feel it between our body.

My body’s natural reaction is to push away and clean the sweat off. But I fight it because I love it

I love after sex when I’m still inside you, laying there, all sweaty. And you’re so worn out. “A thorough fuck” as you say

And when I feel you squeezing me when I’m still in there and getting soft

I even like the clean up

I remember it being awkward at first and now it’s so normal

I wish we didn’t have to clean up. I wish there was a condition that it wouldn’t be bad to just relax and be free after sex. Lay there together all sweaty, let my cum just drip off of us and not pay any attention. It always interrupts our snuggles

I could totally just ignore it all and continue holding your hot body

(Hot temperature wise and sexy wise)

I wish we could make love and lay there until we make love again. And then again. And again. A whole day and just clean up good at the end. Never separate. Have water next to the bed so we never get up. Never put any distance between our bodies.

Be so close and inside you for as long as possible

Pushing myself into your beautiful, warm, wet opening again and again for so long

Sharing that closeness for hours

I’m sure we’d fall asleep sometimes

Wake up, still touching, share that closeness all over again

I could never get tired of sharing that closeness, that pleasure, that love with you

I love it when you squirm because it’s just so much

I could hold you there forever

I could hold you in my arms, next to my body, forever

I love you so much Mahum

Please hold me close tonight. I love you so much baby.

I can’t wait until we touch again

Goodnight soulmate

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